Maintenance & warranty

Maintenance care

• For daily cleaning, use a dry cloth and a soft
liquid cleaner.
• Never use abrasive cleaners containing chrome,
acetone, chlorine or strong bleach. Do not use
scrapers, metallic brushes, and other products
which can scratch or tarnish surfaces.
• Good ventilation is essential for maintaining
the quality and look of this furniture.

Limited warranty

• This warranty applies to Valleywood Cabinetry
cabinets installed for residential use. Valleywood
Cabinetry warrants kitchen cabinets free of
manufacturing defects for a period of (5) five
years from the date of purchase.
• This warranty applies only to the original purchaser
and installation site and is not transferable.

Warranty service

• T o make a claim, contact Valleywood Cabinetry no later than 90 days following the date of receipt
of product, at Our customer care team will provide you with a
form to fill out that will ask you to submit the details of your claim and pictures (if applicable).

• Proof of purchase, such as the bill of sale is
mandatory when requesting warranty service.
• No unauthorized person, installer, dealer, or agent
is entitled to assume any liability on behalf of
Valleywood Cabinetry relating to the sale of this
product or has the authority to increase or alter
the obligations or limitations of this warranty.

• Valleywood Cabinetry reserves the right to
designate a representative to inspect the
kitchen cabinet for analysis.
• The sole remedy provided by this warranty is
the repair or replacement of any part or parts
that may prove deffective under normal
residential usage.

Your warranty coverage

Materials used in the manufacturing of the cabinets are
sensitive to temperature and humidity variations. When
humidity is low, with any wood product, cracking and
center panel shrinkage may occur. This warranty does
not cover damages or failure attributable to:

• Issues related to the natural characteristics of wood
products or the normal effects of aging.
• Defects caused by product modifications
completed by the owner/installer.
• Color variations in cabinets are a natural occurrence
due to wood species, age and exposure to UV light
and sunlight and therefore such variations and
changes are not considered defects.
• Micro cracks due to the humidity and temperature
• Damage caused by flooding or standing water from
leaking pipes, faucets, household appliances, etc: up
to and including flooding and any damages caused
by natural catastrophes.
• Wood characteristics naturally occurring such
as variations in color, grain and knots are not
considered defects.