Revolutionary 3D/4D design tool

Our exclusive 3D / 4D design and sales tool is revolutionizing the way our dealers sell kitchens.

Unlike anything they’ve used before, our Virtual Worlds package offers unparalleled design speed and flexibility, complete with real-time quoting. It’s quicker and easier than ever to create a 3D or even 4D design — and you don’t need to be a designer to use it! You can share the design with your customer immediately, or better still invite them back to the showroom for an out-of-this-world 4D experience they will never forget.

More importantly, the ability to present your customer’s design to them in 4D means they can literally stand inside their new kitchen, walk around it and even open cupboards and drawers to reveal internal storage options etc.

We’re not talking a 360° view here, we’re talking about a fully immersive experience. And if they want to change anything there and then, no problem, just make the changes in the design and hey presto — the room and the quote will update in real-time. This isn’t just a game changer, it’s a deal clincher.

Available exclusively to Valleywood dealers only. Interested? Just email us or call us on 740 912-9214.

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